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Part No. MICR-TLN-821
OEM Part No. 58D1000
Manufacturer Lexmark
Printer Model(s) Lexmark MS725de, Lexmark MS725dn, Lexmark MS725dvn, Lexmark MS725n, Lexmark MS821de, Lexmark MS821dn, Lexmark MS821dvn, Lexmark MS821n, Lexmark MS822de, Lexmark MS822dn, Lexmark MS822dvn, Lexmark MS822n, Lexmark MS823de, Lexmark MS823dn, Lexmark MS823dvn, Lexmark MS823n, Lexmark MS824de, Lexmark MS824dn, Lexmark MS824dvn, Lexmark MS824n, Lexmark MS825de, Lexmark MS825dn, Lexmark MS825dvn, Lexmark MS825n, Lexmark MS826de, Lexmark MS826dn, Lexmark MS826dvn, Lexmark MS826n, Lexmark MX721ade, Lexmark MX721adhe, Lexmark MX721adxe, Lexmark MX722ade, Lexmark MX722adhe, Lexmark MX722adxe, Lexmark MX725ade, Lexmark MX725adhe, Lexmark MX725adxe, Lexmark MX822ade, Lexmark MX822adhe, Lexmark MX822adxe, Lexmark MX824ade, Lexmark MX824adhe, Lexmark MX824adxe, Lexmark MX826ade, Lexmark MX826adhe, Lexmark MX826adxe
UPC 814006003312
Type OEM Cartridge Refill
Yield 7500