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What is MICR?

A special typeface and ink used to encode the numbers
and symbols printed on the bottom of checks for
high-speed magnetic or optical processing.

Why use MICR in Laser Check Printing

• Eliminates waste when a bank account or institution is changed.
• Increases security since only non-negotiable blank paper is stored.
• Speeds check processing: No changing paper stock for different accounts
and designed for use in high speed laser printers.
• Allows incorporation of signatures and/or logos during check processing.
• Permits checks to be printed at remote locations.

microMICR Products & Services

• Magnetic toner cartridges for a wide selection of laser printers.
• Standard and custom font cartridges, SIMMs, DIMMs and new printer
independent font devices.
• MICR quality testing and analysis.
• Laser check consulting.
• Private label packaging for software companies and wholesale distributors.