Q: I just put a new toner cartridge in my printer but the pages are coming out blank, why?

A: There is a shipping seal in most new cartridges which must be removed in order for the cartridge to function properly. Follow your printer's instructions for installing a new cartridge.


Q: How long can I continue to print checks after the ‘TONER LOW’ message comes on the printer?

A: When your printer displays the ‘TONER LOW’ message, we advise that you do not use the cartridge to print any more checks because the printed MICR characters may not contain enough magnetic ink to be properly recognized by the bank's reader/sorter equipment. Since there is probably still some toner left in the cartridge, you may continue to use it to print other, less critical, types of documents.


Q: Why are there vertical white streaks or faded areas on the page?

A: This usually indicates that the cartridge is almost out of toner or your density setting is too light. Check the printer User's Manual for instructions on how to adjust the print density. You can also remove the cartridge and gently rock it from side to side several times to evenly distribute the toner and replace it in the printer.


Q: My document printing very light. Why?

A: If the seal was pulled properly and your pages are still printing light, check the density setting and adjust it accordingly. Make sure that your printer is not set to print in "econo-mode". It is also possible that your toner cartridge is almost empty.


Q: I am getting a gray shading on my document. The page looks "dirty". What is this from?

A: It is possible that the density setting on the printer is too dark or that excess toner has built up inside the printer and it is ready for cleaning. Excessively high or low humidity levels in the office environment can also cause this gray backgrounding, particularly during Winter months with the LaserJet 3Si or 4Si printer. MICR toner is more electro-conductively sensitive than standard toner and the excessively low humidity that occurs from heaters drying the office air during the Winter season increases the amount of static electricity, which causes more toner to adhere to the drum creating the gray backgrounding on the paper.

Most laser printers' environmental specifications for relative humidity are between 20% and 80% for printing operations. Some offices have solved the problem by placing a humidifier in the area of the printer. Newer model printers also seem less susceptible to the humidity problem.


Q: I am getting a gray/black smear at the top edge of the page. What causes this?

A: The paper feed guide in the printer is probably dirty. Refer to your printer User's Manual and perform regular scheduled cleanings, as described.


Q: In my HP LaserJet Series II or III, I am getting smeared gray vertical lines down the page. What causes this?

A: The fuser cleaning wand may be dirty or worn. You need to change the cleaning wand each time you change the cartridge. A new wand is supplied with each LaserJet II and III cartridge.


Q: In my HP LaserJet Series II or III, I am getting vertical black streaks on the page. What causes this?

A: The primary corona wire (located inside the toner cartridge) may be dirty. Refer to your printer User's Manual for instructions on proper cleaning.


Q: I am getting horizontal streaks across the page. What causes this?

A: The toner cartridge may not be installed properly in the printer. Remove it and carefully follow your printer's instructions for installing a toner cartridge.


Q: I am getting a spot repeating continuously down the page. What can I do?

A: You might have one of the following: a blotch of toner on the drum, or a piece of lint or foreign object on the drum. Remove the cartridge, pull back the drum cover and rotate the drum by turning the gears until you see the spot. Gently wipe the drum with a clean paper towel. Reinstall the cartridge and see if the spot goes away.

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