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 FutureSmart USB

 Standard USB FlashDrive

 FutureSmart USB Flash Font

 Standard USB FlashDrive

 LaserJet M601, M602, M603, M806, M830 series printers

 LaserJet P3005, P3015, P4014, P4015, P4515 series printers

These USB formats are specific to their respective printer models and are not interchangable.

The original HP LaserJet printers were big, heavy and slow compared with today's sleek and efficient models, but they offered one feature that has been missing over the past several years: the availability of a removable Font Cartridge as a way to add fonts and custom printer assets like signatures and logos. Most LaserJet models did have internal connections for adding Font Memory Cards in formats such as SIMMs, DIMMs, Compact Flash Cards and USB FlashDrives, but these were not as convenient since they required that the printer be opened up for installation.

The newest monochrome LaserJet printers from HP, series M601, M602 & M603, use the new format FutureSmart USB Flash Font for custom fonts, signatures and logos. These printers all have a "walk-up" USB port in the front (just below the panel) which offers the same convenience of the old Font Cartridge, plus they offer two internal USB ports.



 LaserJet M602 with FutureSmart USB Flash Font in External Port

 M602 with FutureSmart USB Flash Font in Internal Port

Other recent models, including the LaserJet P3005, P3015, P4014, P4015, and P4515 series printers and M3027 and M3035 multi-function models have 2 internal USB ports available (behind a removable side panel) for inserting the Standard USB FlashDrive. The LaserJet P3015 series printers also have one Standard USB FlashDrive port in the front of the printer so that users can simply plug in a USB Font FlashDrive like the old HP Font Cartridge when they need to add custom fonts and signatures.


  LaserJet P3015

 P3015 with Front Mounted USB FlashDrive

Other current LaserJet models including the P4014, P4015 & P4515 printers have one externally accessable USB FlashDrive port at the rear of the printer. The USB port may be covered with a plastic sticker that should be removed before use.


 LaserJet P4015 with Rear Mounted USB FlashDrive

These easy access ports are simple user-friendly ways to add security sensitive fonts (such as signatures) to the printer when printing checks. The USB Font FlashDrive is easily removed when the check run is finished. Flash memory means these devices can be reprogrammed if needed.

Note: the printer must be powered off whenever the USB Font FlashDrive is inserted or removed.

Call microMICR at 800-798-8856 for pricing and availability of these HP LaserJet printers, USB Font FlashDrives and MICR Toner.

For a complete list of LaserJet printers and compatible microMICR font devices, use our convenient Compatibility Table.

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