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   About microMICR Corporation  


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     About microMICR  
microMICR Corporation was established in 1988 to serve the needs of businesses seeking realistically priced solutions to the problem of efficiently producing computer laser checks, drafts and other MICR encoded documents.

microMICR specializes in MICR technology, concentrating on the manufacture of magnetic ink toner cartridges as well as custom signature and MICR font cartridges, SIMMs, DIMMs, Flash Cards, USB Flash and printer-independent font devices for most models of laser printers from Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, IBM, Xerox and many other companies.

microMICR manufactures all its font and toner products at its own facility in the USA. Because we do not outsource or subcontract out any work, we can employ our own quality-control measures to assure that our products meet strict ANSI/ABA standards.

microMICR is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of many products sold through software companies, VARs and national distributors under private labeling. In addition, our retail division sells directly to small through large corporate accounts.

At microMICR, we believe that quality and service are of paramount importance and we are proud to offer the highest quality MICR toner and font products available.


     microMICR Divisions   
Research & Development — Continually exploring new technology for ways to improve existing methods and products for laser check printing.
Toner Manufacturing — Producing the highest quality MICR toner cartridges from Original Equi[pment Manufacturers for an ever expanding number of laser printer models.
Font Manufacturing — Creating standard and custom font cartridges, SIMMs, DIMMs, Flash Cards, USB Flash and new removable printer-independent font devices.
Marketing & Sales — Serving the needs of industry and end users with product sales, through wholesale and retail channels and e-commerce.
Consulting — Working with other companies and applications developers to assist them in designing MICR software solutions.
Customer Service — Answering inquiries and providing technical support concerning our hardware and software products. 
Quality Control — Consistent quality of our products is assured through constant testing. Testing of third-party products is also available


      microMICR's Internet Privacy Policy  
We recognize that our customers are our greatest asset. All information we receive about our customers is held in the highest confidence for internal use only. We will not abuse our customers' trust by selling or otherwise allowing other companies to use the information in our database for solicitation or other purposes.






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